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Driving productivity – what to look for in an eVHC system

Driving productivity – what to look for in an eVHC system

23rd August 2016


By Paul Muers


Thanks to their comprehensive reporting capabilities, electronic vehicle health check systems (eVHCs) are becoming increasingly popular, especially among franchised dealer groups. By enabling service teams to provide customers with a thorough overview of car examinations, eVHCs allow for a greater upsell opportunity and higher conversion rates on Red and Amber work.

The extent to which dealerships can increase their ROI and indeed benefit from electronic vehicle health check technology however, depends largely on the type of system chosen (not to mention buy-in from service teams). While some systems on today’s market focus on the general ability to log work, others offer add-on features to further boost the health check process and deliver a more enriched service for both the dealer and the customer.

So, for those looking to roll-out eVHC technology (or indeed upgrade on an existing system), here are some of the performance-boosting features to look out for when choosing software for your dealership:

Automated service and repair reminders
Systems that have the capability to automatically contact customers are hugely beneficial when it comes to business retention and the development of customer relationships. For example, autoVHC’s text and email reminder function –autoPREDICTIVE- uses existing data to automatically engage with customers when their vehicle is due a service. Furthermore, it generates reminders for any Amber work which has previously been identified but has yet to be completed. Follow-ups continue as the need for this work to be done becomes more urgent. Automated service and repair reminders not only save time and help to boost sales for dealerships; they also reflect a duty of care on behalf of the customer, ensuring that their vehicles are effectively maintained.


Image capturing capabilities
Digitally collated service reports are a standard feature of eVHC systems. Some software solutions however go a step further, allowing the inclusion of visual evidence relating to a vehicle’s condition. Our autoVHC system for example includes autoVIEW; it enables technicians to take photographs and video footage during the service which can then be presented to the customer to support any findings. This is key to developing a level of trust from the customer, making it easier for them to understand the need to authorise the work that is recommended.


Fast access to pricing information
When it comes to obtaining part prices, phone-calls and database searches can be incredibly time consuming for technicians. eVHC software that allows for instant access to pricing information is therefore a far more useful option. With autoVHC, users can implement an add-on system called autoPRICE, which enables fast wear parts to be efficiently priced in a format that can easily be presented to the customer. Tools like this help to increase the transparency of the sales process and ensure that revenue stays within the franchised dealer sector.


Reporting analytics
Gaining an insight into the overall performance health of your dealership is vital for development. If this capability can be incorporated as part of an eVHC system, it can deliver countless benefits for senior management. autoANALYTICS –a feature of autoVHC- produces reporting analytics that monitor the performance of dealer and service personnel. Transparent dashboards enable dealerships to set better development initiatives for teams and track activity to ensure targets are met.