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Why a robust eVHC system could be your safety net as UK new car sales continue to fall

26th February 2018

By Chris Saunders

2017 was without any doubt a challenging year for the new car market, with several factors having a negative impact on sales. A radical overhaul of the UK’s system for taxing cars, known as Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), came into effect at the beginning of April last year, making many new cars significantly more expensive to tax in year one. The knock-on effect was striking, as new car sales in the UK immediately plummeted by 20%.

Using aftersales to boost profitability when new car sales are down

9th July 2017


By Chris Saunders


Following the introduction of new VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) rules earlier this year, the UK automotive market has experienced a notable reduction in new vehicle sales. As reported by the Telegraph, the number of new cars being driven off dealers’ forecourts plunged by 20% in April and has continued to fall in the months after.


‘Footloose and warranty-free?’ – It’s time to think about aftersales customer retention

11th June 2017


By Paul Muers


The safety net of a manufacturer warranty means that, for vehicles less than three years old, any repair work is likely to be conducted by a franchised dealership’s workshop. But what happens when this cover ceases? Worries over perceived increases in costs or a desire to take advantage of new found flexibility can prompt motorists to shop around for alternatives.


Driving revenue for aftersales: Introducing autoVHC v2

14th October 2016


By Chris Saunders


As current users know, our autoVHC software aids technicians during the service process, enabling red and amber work to be identified, logged and presented quickly, consistently and professionally in order to enhance the customer experience and increase parts and labour sales. Indeed, since 2007 the solution has helped generate more than £750 million in incremental service business for franchised dealers worldwide.


Beating the post-warranty blues: How eVHCs can improve customer loyalty

6th September 2016


By Chris Saunders


An ongoing concern for many franchised dealerships throughout the UK is the continued threat from independent garages and the rapid-fit sector. Dealerships are under an increasing amount of pressure to secure business and generate sales in service departments, especially when it comes to vehicles that are no longer under manufacturer’s warranty.


Driving productivity – what to look for in an eVHC system

23rd August 2016


By Paul Muers


Thanks to their comprehensive reporting capabilities, electronic vehicle health check systems (eVHCs) are becoming increasingly popular, especially among franchised dealer groups. By enabling service teams to provide customers with a thorough overview of car examinations, eVHCs allow for a greater upsell opportunity and higher conversion rates on Red and Amber work.

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