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autoVHC announces global rollout for upgraded vehicle health check software

autoVHC announces global rollout for upgraded vehicle health check software

9th May 2017


Leading aftersales solution provider autoVHC has announced the global rollout of its upgraded vehicle health check software, autoVHC v2.


Used primarily by technicians during the servicing process, the solution enables Red and Amber work to be identified, logged and presented to customers.



The latest version, which has been available to franchised dealers in the UK since September 2016, offers a number of improvements for users, including a performance dashboard to enable managers to monitor activity within aftersales departments. Dealerships are now able to configure their own targets and use these to evaluate business performance for key metrics such as the average number of vehicle health checks performed, vehicle health check completion rate and the average percentage of Red work sold per vehicle health check.



The global rollout of autoVHC v2 represents the first phase of development following the acquisition of the platform by American tools and diagnostics manufacturer, Snap-on Incorporated.



The upgraded version also includes a new technician mobile app, with in-built video and photo compression, allowing for improved media uploads and the ability for customers to approve work via an online authorisation portal.



Commenting on the roll-out Chris Saunders, Business Unit Director at autoVHC, said: “For franchised dealers, vehicle health checks are a key way of developing customer relationships, improving business performance and gaining a leading edge over their competitors. Dealerships in the UK are already benefitting from the new version of our autoVHC software and we’re thrilled that our international customers will now be able to deliver the same level of service in their aftersales operations.



“Since 2007 autoVHC has helped generate more than £750 million in incremental service business for franchised car dealers worldwide. With its enhanced functionality, we’re confident that autoVHC v2 will continue to meet customer expectations and prove business-critical for aftersales departments looking to increase their conversion rates and boost profitability.”