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Driving revenue for aftersales: Introducing autoVHC v2

Driving revenue for aftersales: Introducing autoVHC v2

14th October 2016


By Chris Saunders


As current users know, our autoVHC software aids technicians during the service process, enabling red and amber work to be identified, logged and presented quickly, consistently and professionally in order to enhance the customer experience and increase parts and labour sales. Indeed, since 2007 the solution has helped generate more than £750 million in incremental service business for franchised dealers worldwide.


Our latest version of autoVHC –autoVHC v2- builds on this functionality through a number of key enhancements. For example, the software incorporates a new technician mobile app featuring in-built video and photo compression, which allows for improved media uploads. We have also introduced a performance dashboard to enable managers to monitor activity within aftersales departments. Crucially, users can configure their own targets and use these to evaluate business performance for key metrics such as the average number of vehicle health checks performed, vehicle health check completion rate and the average percentage of red work sold per vehicle health check.


The typical service department makes up 50% of a dealership’s overall profits; it’s important that General Managers and Dealer Principles are able to scrutinise aftersales activity to ensure revenue opportunities are not being missed. With enhanced functionality, we’re confident that the new software will make it easier for managers to assess overall performance and implement improvements to business processes where needed.


Other key features of autoVHC v2 include:

  • New stable data centre environment
    -ensures greater system reliability
  • Real-time sales process monitoring
    -simplifies the identification of sold/unsold red and amber work
  • Simplistic and intuitive design
    -offers easy single-click menu and hover-over access for key information
  • Fully integrated photo and video functionality with online authorisation portal
    -streamlines the customer approval process
  • Enhanced parts and labour pricing functionality
    -helps service managers deliver greater transparency for customers
  • Multi-platform capability
    -compatible with iOS, Windows and Android operating systems


By enabling service teams to provide customers with a thorough overview of car examinations, eVHCs allow for a greater upsell opportunity and higher conversion rates on Red and Amber work.


The extent to which dealerships can increase their ROI and indeed benefit from eVHC technology however depends largely on the type of system chosen. While some systems on today’s market focus on the general ability to log work, others offer add-on features to further boost the health check process and deliver a more enriched service for both the dealer and the customer.


We have previously blogged about the key performance-boosting features that dealerships should look out for when choosing eVHC software. These include automated service and repair reminders, image capturing capabilities, fast access to pricing information and the capability to gain an insight into the overall health of your dealership. The new autoVHC v2 offers all of these features and more and we’re confident that the software will continue to meet customer expectations and prove business-critical for aftersales departments looking to improve their service delivery.