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autoVHC exhibiting at CDX 2018

autoVHC exhibiting at CDX 2018

15th May 2018


Chris Saunders


This year we are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at CDX –the UK’s largest automotive expo, brought to you by the publishers of Car Dealer Magazine.


CDX 2018 will be held at Manchester Central Convention Complex on 21st & 22nd May 2018 – and boasts an exhibitor list that includes some of the leading vendors and suppliers to the UK automotive sector.  


CDX 2018 – Workshops and Panels


The two day conference features a range of workshops designed to help dealers, and other motor trade professionals. These promise to give some fascinating insights into the future of the industry, and include titles like ‘Google and Facebook made easy’ and ‘Meeting consumer expectation for online motor retailing’ for those looking to augment their digital presence. Or for those delegates looking to brush up on regulatory requirements and data protection, there is a GDPR Workshop as well as one entitled ‘Keeping pace with changing FCA regulation’. For a full list of available workshops please visit the CDX website.


Panel sessions are also being held on the live stage to give delegates at the conference the chance to hear opinions and news from some of the biggest names in the industry. These include a session based around transformative tech, asking and answering the question ‘What new technology should you be implementing in your dealership?’ and a session explaining what customers really want from a dealership.


autoVHC v2 – helping you tap into aftersales revenue


We look forward to speaking to delegates about our automotive Vehicle Health Check software and demonstrating how using autoVHC can help your dealership quickly and reliably identify and categorise work aftersales work. By enabling service teams to provide customers with a thorough overview of car examinations, eVHCs allow for a greater upsell opportunity and higher conversion rates on required work.


The latest version of autoVHC, autoVHC v2, builds on the original functionality through a number of key enhancements. For example, the software incorporates a new technician mobile app featuring in-built video and photo compression, which allows for improved media uploads. We have also introduced a performance dashboard to enable managers to monitor activity within aftersales departments.  Users can set their own targets and use these to evaluate business performance for key metrics such as the average number of vehicle health checks performed, vehicle health check completion rate and the average percentage of Red work sold per vehicle health check.


As the typical service department makes up 50% of a dealership’s overall profits it’s important that General Managers and Dealer Principal are able to accurately evaluate aftersales activity to ensure revenue opportunities are not being missed.


We look forward to seeing you at the show to discuss the enhanced functionality of our software and how it can help your dealership tap into this aftersales revenue. Come and see us at stand E2.


CDX is free to attend for all motor trade professionals. Visit the website to learn more and book your tickets.