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Introducing autoVHC version 3.0

Introducing autoVHC version 3.0

At Snap-On we understand that technology should be a help in the workshop and not a hinderance. This is why we are constantly improving our platform to make it more user friendly for technicians, service advisors and managers.  

We are delighted to be able to release version 3.0 with some notable process improvements to improve efficiency and benefit everyone interacting with the platform at all levels of your dealership. 


For technicians: 

The people using our native application most will be the technicians in the dealership completing the vehicle health checks. We know that these technicians want to the get the job done as quickly and smoothly as possible and to help with this we have removed any information from the screen that is unnecessary to the job in hand. This means that technicians can input information at a glance and not be distracted by unnecessary options, strengthening the focus on an individual job.  

We have improved vehicle schematic functionality which makes it easier for technicians to log any body damage to a vehicle, and also made media like photos and videos more accessible within the application. The native application can be used to take photos and videos of repair items and price these repairs through fast fit or 3rd party pricing.  


For Managers: 

Having oversight of all jobs on your books is key when managing a dealership aftersales department. autoVHC version 3.0 offers an improved daily diary, previously Current VHC, which gives you visibility of the progress of all vehicles within your workshop and shows you how they are tracking. It allows you to see every job that is in progress and easily filter for status and requirements and features an improved search function to help you locate specific jobs in the system with ease.  

To improve the daily diary, we have updated the priority of information, either moving or removing certain things to improve what you can understand at a glance. We have made changes to the accessibility of each section so you can easily move between them and included an overflow menu.  

This is helpful for Service Managers, but also for other members of staff such as Service advisors and the parts department who can use the page to navigate out to different areas of the system relating to a single job such as Parts & Labour Pricing, Communication, Authorisation or VHC Details.  


For Service Advisors:  

Once repairs have been identified it is up to the service advisors to explain these repairs to the customer, sell the work and invoice accordingly. In order to improve their ability to do this with confidence we have made some changes to the authorisation section of the system. The layout has been updated to show the service advisor at a glance where each individual item sits, and the way information is prioritised has been changed.  


We have also introduced an invoice style breakdown, giving the service advisor all the information that they need in one place. This makes the service advisors job easier as they can explain all repair details to a customer from one central location. This includes comments from technicians so the service advisors can answer any questions and include more detail.  

Service advisors can also easily access stock levels, part location and alternate part numbers for each repair giving them quick easy control over their options should they need to present different prices to the customer.  


For everyone: 

In addition to these specific updates, we have refreshed the entire autoVHC application to improve the user experience and provide an end to end solution incorporating all aspects of the aftersales process. This includes improved efficiency, quicker processing and general speed improvements, more advanced functionality, and improved corporate representation options for your business. 

We integrate with a range of DMS providers, OEM data feeds, Parts stock and price feeds and finance providers to simplify the process within a dealership. This helps the team in any dealership carry out basic tasks easily and allows managers to customise the platform to suit current workflow. Having an intuitive process supports every member of the team and streamlines the workflow across the dealership, in turn improving conversions and customer satisfaction.  

To find out more about the new version or if you have any feedback please get in touch with us today!