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Process Automation for Improved Performance



autoVHC helps technicians to quickly and efficiently identify and categorise any additional work required. The workflow and reporting functionalities provide an easy-to-understand and fully costed summary of further items requiring rectification. The system provides service advisors with the details required to gain customer authorisation, helping to build customer trust that the vehicle has been professionally checked.

autoVHC’s enhanced reporting capabilities provide dealer management with opportunities for further parts and labour sales, and future visits.

"What gets measured, gets done". Dealer management can set targets, measure and monitor performance across the aftersales department. autoVHC puts you in control of the key performance indicators that drive your business. Set targets for health check completion rates, expected identification values, and the sales performance of your service advisors.
Our native app allows technicians to work on or offline, avoiding the frustration and delay of a poor Wi-Fi connection. All actions can be performed from the same device, including photo and video.
Streamlines the pricing process and delivers greater transparency for customers.
Choose your preferred device. autoVHC is compatible with iOS, Windows and Android operating systems.
Add photo and video to your health checks, without the inconvenience of running two systems.


autoVIEW brings your eVHC to life with the addition of video and photo assets. Technicians use the same inspection tool to add photo or video evidence of the fault found.

Using the same tool for both inspection and video reduces the time and complexity of operating a separate video system.Video builds customer trust, making the sales discussion easier for service advisors, and give customers additional information to form their purchase decision.

Utilise photo & video assets to create a layer of transparency between the customer and dealership.
Allows memebers of the service team to send photo & video media assets to the customer via email or SMS.


With its text and email reminder functionality, autoPREDICTIVE uses existing autoVHC system data to automatically engage with customers when their vehicle is due a service

Furthermore, it generates reminders for any Amber work which has previously been identified but has yet to be completed. Follow-ups continue as the need for this work to be done becomes more urgent.

Timely reminders to your customers on any deferred work.
Level and frequency of contact tailored according to urgency. Demonstrates a duty of care on behalf of the motorist while helping to boost sales and customer retention.
Helps to streamline service department operations, reducing the need for manual phone calls.


Gaining an insight into the overall performance health of your dealership is vital for business development. autoANALYTICS produces reporting analytics that monitor the performance of dealer and service personnel.

Transparent dashboards enable dealerships to set better development initiatives for teams and track activity to ensure targets are met.

Enables quick yet accurate exploration, comparison and analysis of data for improved business performance.
Allows users to gauge performance against industry standards and competitors.
Large amounts of complex data can be presented in a clear and cohesive way, enabling service managers and dealer principals to quickly identify trends and pinpoint areas for improvement.