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Beating the post-warranty blues: How eVHCs can improve customer loyalty

Beating the post-warranty blues: How eVHCs can improve customer loyalty

6th September 2016


By Chris Saunders


An ongoing concern for many franchised dealerships throughout the UK is the continued threat from independent garages and the rapid-fit sector. Dealerships are under an increasing amount of pressure to secure business and generate sales in service departments, especially when it comes to vehicles that are no longer under manufacturer’s warranty.


Indeed warranties have often been cited as one of the main reasons why customers chose to have their vehicles serviced within the franchised sector. It is therefore not surprising that dealers face a fight when it comes to securing aftersales business for vehicles outside of this period.


So how can dealerships hang on to these customers after the warranties have expired? Securing their trust is key to maximising revenue and minimising the amount of business lost to the rapid-fit sector and independent garages. Electronic vehicle health check systems (eVHCs) can be used as a means of building customer loyalty through an improved service experience. Here’s how…

Improve customer communication

The use of electronic vehicle health checks is a proven approach when it comes to improving communication between dealerships and motorists. It is essential that dealerships recognise the importance of communication when it comes to retaining customer satisfaction. The use of eVHC systems, such as autoVHC, are useful for ensuring that the information generated during a car examination or service is communicated clearly and effectively to the customer.

 Many eVHC’s have a feature which allows customers to be contacted automatically. autoVHC, for example, has a text and email reminder function which uses information within the system to automatically contact customers and remind them that their vehicle is due a service or of any previously noted outstanding work.  Not only are automated reminders a quick and simple way of communicating with customers but they also help develop customer relationships. By demonstrating a duty of care, customers will be satisfied that their vehicles are being properly taken care of.


Provide service transparency

Showing transparency of the service process is vital when it comes to changing customer’s perceptions of dealerships and minimise business lost to the rapid-fit sector. Using eVHCs to demonstrate competitiveness by allowing customers to see the price comparison of work and parts elsewhere and offering to match those will help deter customers from taking their business to independent garages under the assumption they will save money.

 eVHC applications provide a clear and simple system for customers to understand the condition of their cars too . Work and repairs that need to be carried out immediately are identified as Red work while Amber work  is used to differentiate jobs that are less urgent, but will need addressing soon. Coupled with exact details of what work needs doing and why, eVHCs gives customers ultimate transparency of the service being provided. Many eVHC systems, including autoVHC, can also be used to add pictures and videos taken during process, giving customers better visibility of the condition of their vehicle and the work that needs to be done. This degree of transparency creates a service that customers can have faith in and is key in build a lasting level of trust capable of ensuring future business once the warranty expires.